Wartakawarsa Artist Talk

On Saturday (29.01) we met with the casts and crew of Wartakwarsa project via Zoom conference to talk about their latest project. Watch the video to find out about the casts and crews' background as well as the origin, development and the future of the project.

A Book Full of Questions Offers Passages to Conversations

Circadian, a Berlin-based independent publishing house releases a book that invites you to explore different versions of yourself.

Diego and some books from Circadian.

Diego Agulló and Dmitry Paranyushkin had gone through endless conversations together. A significant amount of their talks were not just mere talks, but rather a practice to provide a space to become someone else. Instead of confirming each of their identities, they searched for possibilities to loose themselves and break from the boundaries of their own characters. They had been collecting many questions out of that practice. 39 most engaging questions were accumulated and bound together in a book called The Conversation Book: Questions to open the portal into parallel lives. read more

Makna tanpa Makna

Ulasan kecil dari pertunjukkan Soydivision: „Tumpeng Tindih“

You can read the translated English version here.

Saat itu udara di Berlin begitu hangat menyentuh pori-poriku. Aku berjalan sejajar dengan dinding-dinding bata yang diam. Lalu tiba pada ujungnya, yakni sebuah gerbang. Menyebrangi gerbang, aku seperti diantarkan pada sebuah masa yang aku tidak tahu kapan. Ada sebuah menara yang permukaannya terbuat dari bata, berdiri tegak tepat di antara dua tembok dan pintu yang membentuk sudut. Sisanya tergelar tanah lapang. Bangunan ini tidak nampak seperti studio, walaupun menurut mesin pencari yang aku tidak ingin sebut namanya, bangunan ini bernama Ufer Studio. Di situ lah aku melihat pertunjukkan Soydivision untuk pertama kalinya. read more

Lokarasa Photo Series by Dico Baskoro

This photo series was made back then in 2020 when we launched Lokarasa Project in Sari Sari project space. The idea was to incorporated soydivision’s elements into food photography. So the decision made to present some “sounds” related elements such synthesizers, drum machines, and old cassettes to accompany the food squad at that time: sambal, gudeg, rendang, and jamu!

Title: “Lokarasa”
Year: 2020
Concept and artistic direction: Ariel Orah
Photography and styling: Dico Baskoro read more

Makna tanpa Makna (English)

Words and photography by Umi Maisaroh.
Translated by Azhari.

A small review of the Soydivision show: “Tumpeng Tindih“

This article is a translated version of an article with the same title. If you wish to read this article in its original Bahasa Indonesia (recommended), click here.

The warmth of Berlin summer embraced my skin. I walked along the silent brick walls that end at a gate. Behind it, couldn’t grasp the sense of time of where I stood. A soaring tower made out of bricks stood between two walls and a fence. Below it was a spacious empty lot. These buildings don’t look like dane studios, even though the search engine -that I refuse to mention- says so. The name is Ufer Studio. There I ‎saw my very first performance by Soydivision Berlin. read more

Tentang Empathy Supper

Peleburan disiplin ilmu baru dari kampus: Human Center Design, dengan hal paling lekat dalam kehidupan sehari-hari: makanan, membentuk embrio salah satu format utama pertunjukkan Soydivision: Empathy Supper.

Aryati Listening Session

On the opening day of INTERSPACE COLLECTIVE's debut exhibition (04.02.2022), Soydivision Berlin hosted "Aryati" Listenting & Discourse Session. This session marked the first introduction of our current flagship project "Aryati" to the public.

Senyawa – Kiamat

We would like to invite you to revisit the track that became the central theme of the upcoming collaboration project by L_KW, Rabih Beaini of Morphine Records, Senyawa, and Soydivision: Kiamat.

About Empathy Supper

The fusion of a relatively new discipline: Human Centered Design, with what is most closely related to everyday life: food, forms the embryo of one of the main formats of Soydivision’s show: Empathy Supper.

Pesta Pora Dewa-Dewa yang Memecah di Gaung

Tulisan ini merupakan tanggapan penulis atas “Concert Lecture” bertajuk “Gaung” oleh Bilawa Respati dan Ariel Orah pada tanggal 13 Februari 2022 di Ballhaus Naunynstrasse.