There are precious few things humans love more than to gather. Some prefer a more religious context, some more bacchanalian.


I think one of my first exposures to the ‘Soy’ was in seeing some of the amazing work by Java-borne, Berlin-based Nindya Nareswari. Kind and humble, ’Ninna’ constantly plays and experiments with the medium of light.


It's summertime in Berlin. Even after the clock hits 9 pm, the Sun is still high up in the sky and fills the streets with citrus color, shining over the cracked walls peppered with stains and dripped paints of graffiti. This is the mix for that.

Eid Mubarak!

Mr. Spliff swung by Jakarta and Berlin, like the irresponsible antiviral hooligan that he is, created a “Ramadan Mixtape for my homies”.