I blurted out that I was prepared to experience another world war in this lifetime, but instead the next worst thing happened.


is a Berlin-based photographer whose works have been featured at several exhibitions both in her current city and Jakarta, her hometown. 
Irma’s pictures have been published on art and fashion news platforms, internationally as well as locally, while her work for events such as CTM and UY Zone has further elevated her profile as a prolific and proficient event photographer. In addition, she has self-published two books, one of which is “where are you from?” (2018), a portrait and story compilation conveying the experiences of southeast asian people in western culture.
When she’s not working or taking candid photos of friends, irma enjoys attending exhibitions, dancing to disco music, and cooking dishes that remind her of home.  read more


Lara Orrico is an Italian Artist and Illustrator. Her illustration works span from commercial to children’s books but what she really loves is drawing Monsters. Lara’s characters give an unexpected twist to everyday things, reminding us to use our imagination to break out of our ordinary.

 Instagram @ilbroccolovolante