Interview: Sarana

Sabrina Eka Felisiana - along with her musical partner Annisa Maharani - form Sarana, an experimental sound duo from Samarinda who use an array of objects, toys, emotion and spaces in their dense ambient noise.  After our show (and an impromptu late night jam session🎵) we got to interview Sabrina and Annisa 🐼🐬.

Juan Arminandi

Morgan interviews the Borneo-based artist about his hand-built instruments and music making process.


Catherine from Sari-sari makes her musical debut with us <3


This week - as part of our ongoing interview series for our zine - we thought we’d try a new format where we have artists interview each other. I mean, why not?


I think one of my first exposures to the ‘Soy’ was in seeing some of the amazing work by Java-borne, Berlin-based Nindya Nareswari. Kind and humble, ’Ninna’ constantly plays and experiments with the medium of light.

Cindy Putri

One day, I was browsing through Instagram, when I happened upon some *amazing* illustrations by an account I'd never seen before called 'thckit'.


Lawan is the Indonesian word for “to resist”. When building muscle, the key is small and many reps.

A playlist of resistance

Resident selectors Jan and Morgan dig in the history of some key tracks and artists from around the world for this month's theme.

Interview: Theo Nugraha

Morgan interviews Theo about some of his practice as a sound activist, artist and performer.


75 years ago this month Indonesia declared independence from Dutch colonial rule.