Welcome to this new special entry featuring monthly recipes from our LOKARASA project!

Our Lokasara project began in early pandemic 2020 and this year will mark it’s second year. It was our adaptation and response during the first major lockdown in March 2020, Lokarasa started as a weekly take-away food project that we did from our shared studio window back then in Sari Sari Space. At that time, we used this project also as our research practice to examine not only various nusantara’s culinary diversity, but also other historical and anthropological aspects of each region.  read more


by Ariel Victor

In this volume we have a special illustration from our native Ariel Victor!


Ariel Victor 

Ariel Victor is an Indonesian animator and illustrator who find great pleasures in recapturing slices of life and a little obsessed with drawing patterns, shapes and colors in an orderly manner. He received his Bachelor of Art in animation from RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. His latest film, Annah La Javanaise, a collaboration with director Fatimah TobingRony, was an official selection in the Annecy Festival 2020. Currently based in Berlin, He isdeveloping his next short film, I AM A FLOWER, at the Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF. read more

Lokarasa Photo Series by Dico Baskoro

This photo series was made back then in 2020 when we launched Lokarasa Project in Sari Sari project space. The idea was to incorporated soydivision’s elements into food photography. So the decision made to present some “sounds” related elements such synthesizers, drum machines, and old cassettes to accompany the food squad at that time: sambal, gudeg, rendang, and jamu!

Title: “Lokarasa”
Year: 2020
Concept and artistic direction: Ariel Orah
Photography and styling: Dico Baskoro read more

Through the looking glass : Mega Lianti

This photo series are the works of Mega Lianti, our colleague who's been documenting several activities from us since 2019. Mega Liyanti is a Berlin-based Indonesian engineering student who chooses her passion for photography and videography as an escape to stay sane. She likes to capture the beauty of life's movement.