Soy&Zine Special Print Edition: KIAMAT

To accompany the experimental music theatre, KIAMAT, we released the second print edition of our zine!

KIAMAT initiated by Soydivision Kollektiv and L_KW, directed and co-produced by Rabih Beaini from Morphine Records. The recent album of the Indonesian experimental music duo, Senyawa, inspires this piece. Kiamat (Day of Judgement), one of the compositions in the album Alkisah, becomes the central theme of this piece.

The zine features 24 pages of coloured illustrations and mantras. The illustrations were created by Ariel Victor and show the story of “the journey to the doomsday”. The mantras were written in Bahasa Indonesia by Umi Maisaroh, as verses that tells the story (translation available at the end of the zine).

Get your copy by registering and coming to the show here.

Photography by Ariel Orah.

About the Zine
Editor : Azhari
Mantra : Umi Maisaroh
Illustration & Zine design : Ariel Victor
Concept : Ariel Orah, Ariel Victor, Azhari, Umi Maisaroh

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Not an artist, nor a musician, Azhari orbits around the amazing people in Berlin. Translating his admiration towards them into words.