cath land makes art to invoke the preciousness of interconnectivity as we experience a collective state change that can be understood as an apocalypse. In sound, visuals, words, publications, and rituals, cath seeks to heal oppression through lunar, plant-based, and fungal means. cath is a member and steward of Sari-Sari, a community space and kitchen, since the fall of 2018. An child of American evangelical missionary nomadism, cath visions the rebirth of the Goddess through a resilient network of local communities. cath has a background in decolonial font design for Hindi, completing a Fulbright scholarship in 2015, and facilitated code classes at California College for the Arts. She worships the moon.


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Morgan is the son of an exiled Indonesian court dancer and free-spirited American writer and ship-builder. Having grown up in an oil-financed beach colony on the eastern coast of Borneo before being smuggled to the United States, Morgan picked up the sound cultures of techno, dub, punk and other club musics before settling in Berlin. Morgan’s musicological interests also include ballads, spirituals and other roots Americana as well as FM synthesis, gamelan and live sound composition using microphones and mixer feedback. Much of Morgan’s practice lies in searching out and harmonizing resonances between the histories of these music through writing, djing and performing. https://www.memeshift.com