R8FTOP 27 – Imagine

After announcing the track earlier this week, today (28 January) R8FTOP 27 has released their second single of the year and accompanying music video, Imagine. This melancholic piano ballad joins the series of singles they have been releasing and we are excited to share it with you. Expect another studio album from R8FTOP 27 in the coming months. We will make sure to sit down and talk to them when it comes!

About R8FTOP 27

R8FTOP 27 is a band based in Germany and was independently formed in 2015 by twin brothers, Raka P. Suwandhi and Dimas P. Suwandhi (born 8 March 1995 in Bandung, Indonesia). Started composing music since 2006 and moved to Germany in 2014 for studying and realization of their dreams. In 2016 their first album „PILOT“ was released, which was supposed to be only a trial or introduction for the listeners. This can only be found on their youtube channel. The first music video „Your Calling“ was released in 2017, followed by „P.S. I Love You“ (2018) and „Destroyer“ (2019). They also covered some songs from their favorite musicians such as Florence and the Machine, Lorde, SZA, and Wolf Alice. 80’s pop/ballad, rock, synthwave, ambient, country/folk and even classic have influenced their style of music. This can clearly be explored in their second album „OSTSEE“, which was released in 2019 on all streaming platforms worldwide.

The interest for motion picture, photography and graphic design helps to visualize their music. Influenced mostly by expressionism, soviet montage and postmodernism.

Follow R8FTOP 27: @r8ftop.27
Listen to their music in your favourite streaming services: Apple, Spotify, YouTube.

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