Casting Lights and Shadows upon Kiamat

We spoke with Berlin-based transmedia artist Thais Nepomuceno to understand her process of bringing the visual aspect of the theatre-musical Kiamat to life.

Manufacturing Kiamat

Ayat-Ayat Kiamat

Umi Maisaroh read a haunting mantra during the performance of Kiamat. It tells a story of doomsday through eerie verses.
(In Bahasa Indonesia)

Kiamat is an experimental music theatre project initiated by Soydivision Collective and L_KW,  directed and co-produced by Rabih Beaini of Morphine Records. The recent album of the Indonesian experimental music duo, Senyawa, inspires the piece. Kiamat (Day of Judgement), one of the compositions in the album Alkisah, becomes the central theme of this piece.

Funded by Musikfonds e.V.
Supported by Haus der Indonesischen Kulturen
Organized by Soydivision Collective and L_KW

To accompany the experimental music theatre, KIAMAT, we are releasing the second print edition of our zine! 

Sumsuman Aryati

Umi Maisaroh, contributor to Soy&Zine, scriptwriter and actor in Aryati theatre piece, reflected on the end of the project Aryati (for now)

The casts and crew of Aryati sat down together with Soy&Zine to discuss the whole process of making Aryati.

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Semar Kentut

Semar Kentut

Semar is a character in Javanese mythology who frequently appears in wayang shadow plays amidst clouds (and sounds) of flatulence. He is one of the punokawan, but is in fact divine and very wise.