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Aryati: From Behind the Curtain

BLCKFINE released their first single: Passion of the Mood, as an attempt to make sense of the thoughts and feelings of one of its member at the beginning of his realisation of having anxiety and depression, which was led by his insecurities in the matter of love, career and death.

Mengna Tan, Her Story so Far

Mengna Tan, Untitled, 2021. 70 x 52. Wax, steel, embroidery on canvas.

Aryati main artwork by Cindy Putri.

The Month of Aryati and Women’s Day

In March, there is a day specifically dedicated to women. Since a few years in Berlin, the day even became an official holiday. That day is Frauentag, women’s day, which falls on March 8th. In this month also Aryati will introduce herself. Aryati, a woman who was born and died in one night.

Bulan Ayati dan Hari Perempuan

Pada bulan Maret, ada satu hari yang khusus didedikasikan untuk perempuan. Bahkan di Berlin, hari itu menjadi hari libur resmi. Hari itu adalah Frauentag, hari perempuan, yang jatuh pada tanggal 8 Maret. Pada bulan ini pula Aryati akan memperkenalkan dirinya. Aryati, perempuan yang lahir dan mati dalam satu malam.

GHALIZ Live at Berbrand Jam

Soy&Zine Special Printed Edition

To commemorate the premiere of Aryati, we released the print edition of our zine! This edition focuses on Aryati and includes some articles about the project, a playlist, and three recipes of the dishes that inspired by the epoch of Aryati.

Aryati: The Exhibition

On 16 March we opened an exhibition that accompany Aryati theatre piece. This exhibition displayed some pieces that were created along the process of making Aryati. It ran until the night of Aryati premiere on 19 March at AnaConda am Ufer in Uferstudios Berlin.


Melankolonial merupakan sebuah usaha pendekatan untuk menggambarkan latar sosial yang meliputi tokoh Aryati dalam pertunjukkan Soydivision dengan judul yang sama.

Melankolonial is an approach to describe the social setting that includes Aryati’s character in the Soydivision show with the same title. Follow the link to the right to read the translated english version.

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Semar Kentut

Semar is a character in Javanese mythology who frequently appears in wayang shadow plays amidst clouds (and sounds) of flatulence. He is one of the punokawan, but is in fact divine and very wise.