KAUM Festival 2021 Discourse : “Negotiating Belonging in Eastern Indonesia”

Negotiating Belonging in Eastern Indonesia

At Ana Conda am Ufer in Uferstudios


Hosted by Ferdiansyah Thajib (Researcher) Speaker : Amanda Valani (Filmmaker), Ronald Regang (Activist), Indra Siagian (Filmmaker), Helena Kobogauw (Activist & Filmmaker)

In recent times, Indonesian elites have been paying more attention to the eastern region of Indonesia, especially through their infrastructure development policy. However, this policy has so far insufficiently recognized the humanitarian problems and social injustices that are faced by those living in the various parts of the region. To address these issues we are holding film screenings that will be followed by a hybrid panel discussion. The first film, Luka Beta Rasa (dir.: Narasi TV, 2020) features how conflict survivors in Maluku are overcoming trauma and pushing for peace. Speaking on behalf of Luka Beta Rasa team, is Amanda Valani from Narasi TV, and Ronald Regang, the film protagonist who is also a former child combatant. The second film Mamapolitan (dir.: Indra Siagian, 2018) is a documentary film which follows how activist Helena Kobogau maintains her identity as a Papuan woman in the midst of racialized violence. Both Kobogau and Siagian will also be speaking at the event.

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Ariel Orah

Ariel Orah

Ariel William Orah is a Berlin-based Indonesian artist who explores themes related to identity, memory, and scarcity. He fancies the durability of homo sapiens and the fragility of the machines. He is working with variety of media, ranging from sonic and other multi-sensory performances, physical and interactive installations, and moving and/or still images. He co-founded an empathy driven artist collective L-KW , Bandung-based progressive rock band “Vincent Vega”, and Indonesian gastronomy initiative SOYDIVISION.BERLIN. Selected works included commissioned installation for Tanz im August Festival Berlin (2016), film-music scoring for “Deeper High”- Germany (2018), CTM Festival Music Maker Hacklab 2020, solo album “Scarcity” (2017) and “WIM” (2018) under alias ravenative.