GHALIZ Live at Berbrand Jam

On 12 June 2021 PPI Berlin-Brandenburg held their first episode of Berbrand Jam. Ghaliz Filkhair Hariz was the first musician to showcase his craft in that series of events. Watch the video below to enjoy 15 minutes of experimental aural adventure.

Ghaliz is an artist from Makassar who is currently studying Event Technology and Management at Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin. He founded a program for Thengerhin Radio Berlin called Musicratory, where he curated experimental musicians related to Indonesia. He is also part of the Soydivision Collective. Using various objects he finds, synthesizers, and various effects pedals, he creates sound compositions heavily influenced by human interaction, Sunn o))), and anime.

Special thanks to PPI Berlin-Brandenburg.
Recorded and filmed by Summer Hafen.

Read our article about Ghaliz and his studio here.
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