Eid Mubarak!

​Moustapha Spliff Psych Show

Eid Mubarak! Moustapha Spliff Psych Show

Got this one sent in by the ever illusive Moustapha Spliff.

Mr. Spliff swung by Jakarta and Berlin, like the irresponsible antiviral hooligan that he is, created a “Ramadan Mixtape for my homies” as he puts it, and left to God knows where. When asked what’s in it, a quick muttering of “Anatolian psych, West Sumatran folk and Todd Terje” were the only words we pretended to make sense of.

Download available here

Illustration by Gyoya Eunkyo Kang

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Jan Thedja

Music hasn't managed to loosen its grip on Berlin-based selector Jan K since he listened to the likes of Mozart. and the Beatles on his Father’s stereo as a young child. Having gone on phases of listening to classical, rock, pop, punk, jazz, hip-hop and electronic music, he decided some years ago to share with people his own personal musical narrative. While his literary output has slowed down for the moment, he is increasingly sharing his music through mixes and performances, more recently with the Berlin collective l-kw. He is currently working a music project loosely based on his experience as a doctor. https://www.mixcloud.com/jan_k/