BLCKFINE Releases Their First Single: Passion of the Mood

On Friday 18 March BLCKFINE released their first single: Passion of the Mood. Written and composed by Bobby Setiadi in 2018, he tries to make sense of his thoughts and feelings through this song. Telling a story regarding his insecurities in the matter of finding love, good career and painless death — Bobby reminisce his first realisation of experiencing anxiety and depression.

Bobby went to collaborate and work on track with his 3 friends from Berlin, Azhari (guitarist), Dhiaz Pahlevi (bassist and producer), and Habib Farhan (graphic designer).

Passion of the Mood offers a nostalgic sound of 80’s lead. The track draws influences from Phil Collins “Another Day in Paradise”, 070 Shake’s “Morrow”, Interpol’s “All the Rage Back Home” and some instrumental elements of the french electronic group Daft Punk. The guitar sound was originally characterized by post-punk energy that refers to rock cliches in the sense of dramatization by Bobby, combined with 80’s disco-pop melancholic guitar riff by Azhari, and produced & engineered by Dhiaz Pahlevi. 

The track is inspired by punk attitude and lyricism, which liberates one’s unfiltered notions. Bobby stated that the song started as an effort to reflect on his struggle within the period of depression and isolation throughout the years of living in Germany alone.

“It was a challenge to express my feelings freely. It may sound ridiculous, because I was not sure if the feelings were valid or I was simply afraid to get laughed at. Through this song, I tried to overcome my insecurities and channel the thoughts and feelings out of my mind at that time,” Bobby said.

On the Recording Process

“I wrote the demo in 2018 after listening to Phil Collins for weeks. When I visit Berlin, I sent the demo to Dhiaz in 2021, and he engineered every step from recording to mastering,” Bobby said.

“Then, Azhari came up with different references either sonically or visually, he and I developed the music video together. Until Habib came up with different takes on how he sees it in 3D animation. We knew this would be something weird but good. We tried to be open to any ideas and appreciate every small details. Everything made the cuts fortunately. That‘s because we were really patient in the process of making.”

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