Aryati: The Exhibition

On 16 March we opened an exhibition that accompany Aryati theatre piece. This exhibition displayed some pieces that were created along the process of making Aryati. It ran until the night of Aryati premiere on 19 March at AnaConda am Ufer in Uferstudios Berlin.

Zine and audio installation.
Cindy Putri Rahardjo, ARYATI: FRACTION OF MEMORIES, 2022. 42 x 29. Illustration, digital print on paper. 

Aryati: Fraction of Memories
is a response to Aryati Musical, showing a collided fragment of Aryati’s most intimate and influential memories from the first-person point of view.

Aryati is illustrated as a long abstract being, shawl lookalike, that moves around the more realistic illustration. The only time Aryati is pictured as one being was in The Birth and Goodbye.

Visual: The Birth
Visual: Mother, What Happened?
Visual: Indonesia and The People
Visual: The Death of My Lover
Visual: Goodbye?

Azhari, Lawan Rasa, 2022. 29 x 42. Photography, print on paper.

Three pictures represent three souls who were involved in ”power transition“ conflict in 1942 (Netherlands-Japan-Indonesia). Composition of meal, picture, and food is trying to capture the inner dilemma of family longing, the mandatory duty as noble citizen, and the survivalism essential element.

Concept by Ariel W. Orah. 

Ariel W. Orah, Dico Baskoro, Umi Maisaroh, Ardian Hartono, Ghaliz Filkhair Haris, HURUHARA, 2022. Video Installation.

This video performance is reenactment of various discrimination against the people of Chinese descent in Indonesia that had been carried out by governments in Indonesia since the time of the Dutch East India Company. Serious violence against Chinese people had occurred at irregular intervals since 1740, when the soldiers of the Dutch East India Company and other ethnic groups from Batavia killed up to 10,000 people of Chinese descent during the Chinezenmoord.

Concept by Ariel W. Orah. Video by Dico Baskoro. Performed by Umi Maisaroh, Ardian Hartono, Ghaliz Filkhair Hariz

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