An Eternal State of Becoming

Editor’s note: Rita Couto has been involved with documenting Sari-sari – a space Soydivision now operates out of – for a few years and generations. Below, a small taste of our favorite subject, the inimitable and utterly graceful Pepe.

Who are you? 

A Portuguese based in Berlin telling stories through film, photography and written word. 

What’s your relation to the subject?

Pepe and I first met in 2013 at a pub and, later on, at the former Agora Collective space. From then, we developed a special kind of friendship through serendipitous encounters and a common excitement for the unknown. Eventually, Pepe’s unpredictably shape-shifting way of being and doing and my super-planner personality became complementary to each other, and a slow cooking Yin Yang energy lead us to some remarkable on-going collaborations. 

What is it to be amphibious?

To be in a state of eternal becoming!

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Born in Porto (1989), Rita holds a degree in Cinematography, having studied Film at the Lisbon Theatre and Film school and at the FAMU, in Prague. She has worked as a cinematographer and all-round filmmaker for clients such as Boiler Room, Zoomin TV, Jung von Matt, among others. With a broad experience in documentary-based storytelling, her work has also empowered the missions of forward-thinking entities, initiatives and collectives of impact and societal change, in Germany and abroad. With a particular affinity for analog photography, Rita has been documenting her surroundings since her teens. She has been combining writing and photography with an interest in themes such as identity, authenticity and community, having since then portrayed artists like Magic Island, Conan Osiris, Lalo Gomes and collectives like KDV Ensemble and Nowhere Kitchen.