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Anxiety and coffee. In an arcade.

Call & Response

Oakland-based Asya Abdrahman digs deep to cast healing blue shades over the rewriting of America’s painful history.

KAUM Festival 2021 Discourse : “Negotiating Belonging in Eastern Indonesia”

Negotiating Belonging in Eastern Indonesia

At Ana Conda am Ufer in Uferstudios


Hosted by Ferdiansyah Thajib (Researcher) Speaker : Amanda Valani (Filmmaker), Ronald Regang (Activist), Indra Siagian (Filmmaker), Helena Kobogauw (Activist & Filmmaker)

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In recent times, Indonesian elites have been paying more attention to the eastern region of Indonesia, especially through their infrastructure development policy. However, this policy has so far insufficiently recognized the humanitarian problems and social injustices that are faced by those living in the various parts of the region. To address these issues we are holding film screenings that will be followed by a hybrid panel discussion. The first film, Luka Beta Rasa (dir.: Narasi TV, 2020) features how conflict survivors in Maluku are overcoming trauma and pushing for peace. Speaking on behalf of Luka Beta Rasa team, is Amanda Valani from Narasi TV, and Ronald Regang, the film protagonist who is also a former child combatant. The second film Mamapolitan (dir.: Indra Siagian, 2018) is a documentary film which follows how activist Helena Kobogau maintains her identity as a Papuan woman in the midst of racialized violence. Both Kobogau and Siagian will also be speaking at the event. read more

KAUM Discourse “Feminist Organizing in Indonesia”

Hybrid Panel Discussion

Hosted by Rosalia Engchuan (Anthropologist & Filmmaker)

Guest Speaker : Anindya Restu Viani, Diana Debi Timoria, Lisabona Rahman, Melati Suryodarmo

This panel invites Anindya Restuviani from Jakarta Feminist, Diana Debi Timoria from komunitas SOPAN in Sumba, Lisabona Rahman from Sekolah Pemikiran Perempuan and performance artist Melati Suryodarmo to engage in a discussion around questions of feminist organizing and the multitude of forms and practices it can take. The panelists will give an insight into their practices and organizations and share from their experiences of working in media, activism, grassroots organizing and performance art in both the capital of Jakarta as well as locations outside of the center. The conversation will be moderated by Rosalia Engchuan, an anthropologist and filmmaker who is interested in the historical construction of Asian femininity, and will delve into broader questions of feminist organizing, the various forms that it can take, the day to day microscopic challenges. We will also critically discuss the influence of western dominated ideals of feminism as well as the broader historical structures that influence practices in the everyday. read more

Live Improvisation by Bintang Manira & Morgan Sully

Kaum Festival that we held last year was an amazing moment where many souls met each other, anew or for the first time. Not long after the festival, Bintang Manira -who performed in the festival- and Morgan Sully -who was one of the DJs at the after party- gathered together and spent an afternoon to make some music. Watch the video to enjoy 20+ minutes of fascinating sonic exploration.

GHALIZ Live at Berbrand Jam

On 12 June 2021 PPI Berlin-Brandenburg held their first episode of Berbrand Jam. Ghaliz Filkhair Hariz was the first musician to showcase his craft in that series of events. Watch the video below to enjoy 15 minutes of experimental aural adventure.

Ghaliz is an artist from Makassar who is currently studying Event Technology and Management at Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin. He founded a program for Thengerhin Radio Berlin called Musicratory, where he curated experimental musicians related to Indonesia. He is also part of the Soydivision Collective. Using various objects he finds, synthesizers, and various effects pedals, he creates sound compositions heavily influenced by human interaction, Sunn o))), and anime. read more

La Gran Drama-Tisch

In the summer of 2021 Soydivision Berlin became part of La Gran Drama-Tisch, where three collectives (LaLoVe´s Kitchen, Nowhere Kitchen & Soy Division) created a culinary-themed ritual drama to be staged in the carless streets of Schillerkiez. In meshing all their ingredients – dance movement, live spoken word, theatrical performances, concrete music/installation and a three course meal – into an improvised/structured dramaturgical recipe, they produce a kaleidoscopical moving fiesta, transforming the hood into a shared urban fantasy of a timeless, plug-and-play, pancultural village. read more