In Epoché

Olivia Kwok draws our eyes to abstractions of light in our first zine photo selection.


I had weeks to think about it. There was not an opportune moment to start creating images until now.

Lokarasa Photo Series by Dico Baskoro

This photo series was made back then in 2020 when we launched Lokarasa Project in Sari Sari project space. The idea was to incorporated soydivision’s elements into food photography. So the decision made to present some “sounds” related elements such synthesizers, drum machines, and old cassettes to accompany the food squad at that time: sambal, gudeg, rendang, and jamu!

Title: “Lokarasa”
Year: 2020
Concept and artistic direction: Ariel Orah
Photography and styling: Dico Baskoro read more

Aryati Listening Session

On the opening day of INTERSPACE COLLECTIVE's debut exhibition (04.02.2022), Soydivision Berlin hosted "Aryati" Listenting & Discourse Session. This session marked the first introduction of our current flagship project "Aryati" to the public.

Through the looking glass : Mega Lianti

This photo series are the works of Mega Lianti, our colleague who's been documenting several activities from us since 2019. Mega Liyanti is a Berlin-based Indonesian engineering student who chooses her passion for photography and videography as an escape to stay sane. She likes to capture the beauty of life's movement.

Manufacturing Kiamat

Before presenting the performance in front of the audience in Rumah Budaya Indonesia, the people behind Kiamat Musical had gathered a couple of times in Rabih Beaini’s studio. There, the idea of Kiamat gradually turned into sonic entity through a kaleidoscope of planning, exploring, experimenting and happy accidents.

Take a look at some of the images that capture the creation of Kiamat.