Interview: Sarana

Sabrina Eka Felisiana - along with her musical partner Annisa Maharani - form Sarana, an experimental sound duo from Samarinda who use an array of objects, toys, emotion and spaces in their dense ambient noise.  After our show (and an impromptu late night jam session🎵) we got to interview Sabrina and Annisa 🐼🐬.

Juan Arminandi

Morgan interviews the Borneo-based artist about his hand-built instruments and music making process.


This week - as part of our ongoing interview series for our zine - we thought we’d try a new format where we have artists interview each other. I mean, why not?


I think one of my first exposures to the ‘Soy’ was in seeing some of the amazing work by Java-borne, Berlin-based Nindya Nareswari. Kind and humble, ’Ninna’ constantly plays and experiments with the medium of light.

Cindy Putri

One day, I was browsing through Instagram, when I happened upon some *amazing* illustrations by an account I'd never seen before called 'thckit'.

Interview: Theo Nugraha

Morgan interviews Theo about some of his practice as a sound activist, artist and performer.

In the Basement with Ghaliz

Ghaliz Filkhair Haris takes us through his studio and reveals how the circumstance that dictates its operation transforms his process. 

Words and photography by Azhari

Ghaliz in his studio

Across rows of tall housings that line up along Neckarstrasse, stands an even taller wall that doesn’t seem to belong to anything or anyone. The wall remains white and plain at the top and gradually filled with colorful graffiti as it reaches the pavement at the bottom. Layers and layers of spray paint hide a couple of doors like a camouflage. They are barely recognisable if not from the stickers that people keep adding on them as time goes by. read more

KAUM Discourse “Feminist Organizing in Indonesia”

Hybrid Panel Discussion

Hosted by Rosalia Engchuan (Anthropologist & Filmmaker)

Guest Speaker : Anindya Restu Viani, Diana Debi Timoria, Lisabona Rahman, Melati Suryodarmo

This panel invites Anindya Restuviani from Jakarta Feminist, Diana Debi Timoria from komunitas SOPAN in Sumba, Lisabona Rahman from Sekolah Pemikiran Perempuan and performance artist Melati Suryodarmo to engage in a discussion around questions of feminist organizing and the multitude of forms and practices it can take. The panelists will give an insight into their practices and organizations and share from their experiences of working in media, activism, grassroots organizing and performance art in both the capital of Jakarta as well as locations outside of the center. The conversation will be moderated by Rosalia Engchuan, an anthropologist and filmmaker who is interested in the historical construction of Asian femininity, and will delve into broader questions of feminist organizing, the various forms that it can take, the day to day microscopic challenges. We will also critically discuss the influence of western dominated ideals of feminism as well as the broader historical structures that influence practices in the everyday. read more

Wartakawarsa Artist Talk

On Saturday (29.01) we met with the casts and crew of Wartakwarsa project via Zoom conference to talk about their latest project. Watch the video to find out about the casts and crews' background as well as the origin, development and the future of the project.

A Book Full of Questions Offers Passages to Conversations

Circadian, a Berlin-based independent publishing house releases a book that invites you to explore different versions of yourself.

Diego and some books from Circadian.

Diego Agulló and Dmitry Paranyushkin had gone through endless conversations together. A significant amount of their talks were not just mere talks, but rather a practice to provide a space to become someone else. Instead of confirming each of their identities, they searched for possibilities to loose themselves and break from the boundaries of their own characters. They had been collecting many questions out of that practice. 39 most engaging questions were accumulated and bound together in a book called The Conversation Book: Questions to open the portal into parallel lives. read more

Aryati Artist Talk

On 17 March 2022 the casts and crew of Aryati sat down together with Azhari from Soy&Zine to discuss the whole process of making Aryati. From the birth of the idea, turning it into script, composing the music, to the execution of the theatre piece.