Lara Orrico is an Italian Artist and Illustrator. Her illustration works span from commercial to children’s books but what she really loves is drawing Monsters. Lara’s characters give an unexpected twist to everyday things, reminding us to use our imagination to break out of our ordinary.

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Atur Atur

Gita illustrates the right tools for the right dish.


by Ariel Victor

In this volume we have a special illustration from our native Ariel Victor!


Ariel Victor 

Ariel Victor is an Indonesian animator and illustrator who find great pleasures in recapturing slices of life and a little obsessed with drawing patterns, shapes and colors in an orderly manner. He received his Bachelor of Art in animation from RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. His latest film, Annah La Javanaise, a collaboration with director Fatimah TobingRony, was an official selection in the Annecy Festival 2020. Currently based in Berlin, He isdeveloping his next short film, I AM A FLOWER, at the Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF. read more

“Untitled” by Menga Tan

Mengna Tan, Untitled, 2021. 70 x 52. Wax, steel, embroidery on canvas.

In the primary school I was in a choir. I was really bored but I had to come. In my imagination, I could create water on the palm of my hand. The water would flood and sweep the choir so we can stop singing. In that moment, it felt vivid and real. I could do magic.
– Mengna Tan

Aryati Main Artwork by Cindy Putri


The main artwork of Aryati is designed by Cindy Putri. She is a Bali/Berlin-based Indonesian illustrator. Cindy Putri has been honing her skills in surrealism illustration for the past several years. Her works are highly inspired by mysticism, self-identity, life & death, dreams and emotional thoughts. Cindy is currently pursuing her studies in communication design while working as a freelancer creating poster, picture books, album/music cover art and product packaging.

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