(un)Covering Melanin – an Exhibition by Irma Fadhila

A visitor in (un)Covering Melanin exhibition.

A noticable red neon box sticks out at the blue wall in the the side of lively Weserstraße. The logo on the neon box -B and H on three stacking circles- belongs to Backhaus Project, and from 14 to 23 Ferbuary they hosted a solo exhibtion by Irma Fadhila: (un)Covering Melanin.

The first thing that appeared in front of me when I entered the gallery was two sets of tables that showcased some beauty products. But my attention turned quickly to the wall at the right side. Indeed, what was hung at the wall was the main point of the exhibition: 11 portraits attached to a string across the wall were staring back at me. Some of the faces were familiar, while the others were strange. However I could easily identify the strange faces thanks to the names on the handwritten notes below each portraits. Not only their names, I could also read some words that gave those faces some voices. Those words were wishes. One could quickly notice that they wished for something that they do not have. read more

Aryati: The Exhibition

On 16 March we opened an exhibition that accompany Aryati theatre piece. This exhibition displayed some pieces that were created along the process of making Aryati. It ran until the night of Aryati premiere on 19 March at AnaConda am Ufer in Uferstudios Berlin.