A W A L _ M U L A

The Indonesian language is not always easy to grasp. Though grammatically very simple, a lot of nuances can be hidden between the lines, making it not always easy to understand what exactly is being said.


It felt like being in a dream, where elements of it felt so familiar while also foreign, peaceful and threatening at the same time.

New Normal

Three is the magic number, as they say, and we think our third issue is exactly that.


Keeping up a momentum is harder than starting something.


I blurted out that I was prepared to experience another world war in this lifetime, but instead the next worst thing happened.


Stripping down to your undergarments (which is theoretically free from contact with possible virus-laden surface) might not be such a good idea when visiting other people.


There are precious few things humans love more than to gather. Some prefer a more religious context, some more bacchanalian.


I cannot remember a time in my life when I was ambivalent about the US.


Lawan is the Indonesian word for “to resist”. When building muscle, the key is small and many reps.


75 years ago this month Indonesia declared independence from Dutch colonial rule.


Where might you find yourself? Jan shares some of his journey for our 11th issue.